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 Newcomers' Choir

Currently the choir is on a break.  If you are interested in the choir can contact us and we will let you know when start again.


"I thought [Kevin was] young but [he is] so skilled, full of enthusiasm, confidence... [My husband] was not at all interested in joining singing lessons, much less a choir, but it is testimony to [Kevin] that he is still there, taking singing lessons and talking about the choir."

~ Newcomers' Choir Member 


If you are represented in a photo and would like it removed. Please let us know and we will be happy to do so.

C Dreaming Mel.MP3

C Dreaming lower harmony.MP3

C Dreaming upper harmony.MP3

Hip hip Hoorah (inst high).mp3

Hip Hip Hoorah.mp3

Hanging in the barn.mp3

Old Go Hungry Hash House.mp3

Go Hungry Hash House (inst high).mp3

Go Hungry Hash House (inst low).mp3