MIUSc: MUSIc with a twist

MIUSc is the personal and collaborative works of Kevin Takahide Lee, ranging from performing, teaching, and conducting to socially minded projects. 

"Music and art only have purpose when serving social need"
Kevin Takahide Lee

 "A remarkable story, and well told by the actor, whose Japanese accent was incredible." 

~ from www.southofthefraser.com

"Telling his family's story... Burnaby's Kevin Takahide Lee explores the Japanese Canadian experience, and his own family's past, in a season of discovery and reconciliation"

~ from www.burnabynow.com/entertainment

"I thought [Kevin was] young but [he is] so skilled, full of enthusiasm, confidence... [My husband] was not at all interested in joining singing lessons, much less a choir, but it is testimony to [Kevin] that he is still there, taking singing lessons and talking about the choir."

~ Newcomers' Choir Member